From army vehicles to farm tractors to major automobile manufacturing, Mahindra's relationship with American industry goes back quite a few years. American GI's who served in India during World War II recognize our parent company, Mahindra & Mahindra, which in l945 was selected to assemble the famous Willis Jeep.

Following Indian independence in 1947, Mahindra & Mahindra charted a course of product expansion and globalization. The philosophy led to the company's entrance into the worldwide tractor market.

 In 1962, M&M formed a joint venture with International Harvester to make tractors carrying the name Mahindra name-plate for the Indian market. Armed with engineering, tooling and manufacturing know-how gained from this relationship, M&M-a major auto maker- developed its first tractor, the B-275. This successor to International Harvester's incredibly popular B-414 is still the basis for some current Mahindra models. Today, Mahindra is number 1 in tractor sales in the world with sales of nearly 2.1 million units annually. This places them ahead of John Deere & Kubota.



In 1994 Mahindra entered the American market as Mahindra USA. These tough and dependable tractors are being sold and serviced by hundreds of leading tractor dealers though out the USA.

In 2002, Mahindra USA completed a major expansion of it's Tomball (Houston Area), Texas headquarters. They tripled the size of the parts warehouse and the production assembly lines. In 2003, a second assembly and distribution center was established in Calhoun, Georgia.

In 2004, a separate, much larger parts warehouse was put into operation outside of Houston, Texas, to keep up with the huge growth of Mahindra tractor sales in the U.S.A..

Final assembly takes place here in the U.S.A. where we conduct a 51-point pre-delivery inspection, including dynamometer and road tests.


The success in the American market is a result of a strong dealer organization. The Mahindra dealer is fully qualified to not only put you on the right tractor, but continue to meet your needs after your purchase. Dealers have a toll-free number to get you parts within 24 hours if not in stock at your dealership.

Low-rate retail financing and on-site approvals makes it quicker and easier to put you on the tractor to fit your particular needs.

To find the tractor that is right for your particular needs, the best person to talk to is your Mahindra dealer!